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Awarded one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia by HR Asia in 2023.
You are welcomed to join Walsin Lihwa to fulfill your future.

  • Job Application

    Career opportunities at Walsin Lihwa throughout the Greater China region encompass the power cable and wire, stainless steel, commerce and real estate, and resources industries. The widespread business presence of Walsin Lihwa helps employees benefit from cross- culture and cross-industry experiences, the breadth and depth of professionalism, making good judgement, and enhanced vision. Walsin Lihwa welcomes those who have dreams and enthusiasm.

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  • Application Process

    Sending your resume is the first step of your dream fulfilment at Walsin Lihwa. We will provide your resume to relevant people in charge and contact you for an interview if there suitable vacancies for you. If there is no suitable vacancy, your resume will be archived for us to contact you in the future when your opportunity arises

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  • Meet us at Walsin Lihwa

    Walsin Lihwa values what everyone thinks, has experienced, and can do. Therefore, everyone at Walsin Lihwa can actively contribute to the Company through full employee participation, and the potential of everyone and how everyone feels the value of work can be strengthened to benefit from continuous learning and growing. Walsin Lihwa’s growth and innovation are attributable to its employees who are persistent in pursuing excellence and enthusiastic for creativity; they will be your future colleagues.

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  • Application Q&A

    Before you introduce yourself, Walsin Lihwa would like you to know that we are in an era of intelligent revolution and our employees are expected to be open-minded, persistent in pursuing excellence. and value commitment and integrity to help each other, make good use of technologies, emphasize scientific approaches, and dedicate themselves to what is good for the Company and society.

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