Power Cable

Low-Smoke and Halogen-Free (LSFH) Cable

Flames, dense smoke, and high temperature are the three acute dangers during fires. Smoke is the most fatal of them because: Smoke-inhalation may lead to death. Visual obscuration during escape from fires occurs. Corrosive and toxic gases contained in the smoke jeopardize lives and equipment.

Widely used in public places such as airports, hospitals, mass rapid transit systems, and underground railways, LSFH cables are highly safe power transmission and distribution products with the following characteristics:

Outstanding fire resistance (Flame propagation test)
Extremely low density of smoke when being burnt (Smoke test)
Near-zero toxicity index (Toxicity index test)
High corrosion resistance(combustible gas test)
High oxygen index, without concern of supporting combustion (Oxidation and temperature index test)


Hsinchuang Plant:

Product Voltage Number of Cores Thickness of Conductor
XLPE-LSFH Cable 600、2000 V 1 ~ 4 C 1.6mm ~ 3.2 mm;2.0 ~ 500 mm2
XLPE-LSFH Cable 5 ~ 25 kV 1、3 C 8 ~ 500 mm2

Shanghai Plant:

Product Voltage Number of Cores Thickness of Conductor
WD-ZR-BYJ(F) Low-Smoke and Halogen-Free Non-Sheathed Cable for
Fixed Wiring
450/750V 1 C 0.5~400mm²
WD-ZR-BYJ(F)R Low-Smoke and Halogen -Free Soft Cable 450/750V 1C 2.5~185mm²
WD-ZR-RYJ(F)S Low-Smoke and Halogen -Free Soft Cable 300/300V 2C 0.5~6mm²
WD-ZR-RYY Low-Smoke and Halogen -Free Soft Cable 300/500V 2~37C 0.5~10mm²
WD-ZR-RYYP Low-Smoke and Halogen-Free Shielded Cable 300/300V 1~24C 0.5~4mm²
WD-ZR-KYJY Low-Smoke and Halogen-Free Control Cable 450/750V 2~61C 0.75~10mm²
WD-ZR-YJY Low-Smoke and Halogen-Free Cable 0.6/1kV 1C;2C~5C 1.5~630mm²;1.5~400mm²


Product Specification